On 25 October 2016, China publishes G.W.B.S.P.H. No. (2016) 1028 Food Safety—National Standard for Food Contact Bamboo, Wood and Cork Materials and Articles, whose commends period ends on 25 November. The standard includes requirements for raw materials, sensory requirements, migration of elements, covering food packaging materials, vessels, food utensils and food processors.

It applies to bamboo, wood and cork materials and articles that come into contact with food under normal and foreseeable conditions.

It has to be noted that bamboo, wood and cork materials and articles shall comply withFood Safety—General Safety Requirements for Food Contact Materials and Articles, which asks for opinions in August 2015.

Raw materials.The raw materials used for such materials and articles shall not pose any hazard to the human health and the oil covered on the surface shall also comply with relevant requirements of national standard.

Sensory.Such materials and articles shall have no burrs, abnormal odor, mold etc.

Migration Parameters





Overall migration/ (mg/dm2)≤  


Sulfur dioxide / (mg/kg)≤


Consumption of potassium permanganate / (mg/kg)

Water (60°C, 2h)≤


Lead (Pb) /(mg/kg)≤


Formaldehyde / (mg/kg) ≤


Cadmium (Cd) / (mg/kg)≤


Primary aromatic amines; / (mg/kg)

ND (detection limit: 0.01 mg/kg)

Arsenic (As) / (mg/kg)≤


You can see more specific requirements in the document attached.

The standard will be an integral part of the system for food contact materials of China representing mandatory requirements for food contact bamboo, wood and cork articles. In this case, all products manufactured or sold within the territory of China shall comply with the standard.

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