Led by food contact materials (FCMs) panels of China National Food Industry Association, the Industry Guideline on Plastic Food Contact Materials regards as Responsibilities along the Supply Chain and Document of Compliance (DoC) (referred to as “Guideline”) was officially released on 19 April 2017. With a six-month consultation, it becomes the first industry guideline on Document of Compliance (DoC) in the field of food contact materials (FCMs).

Here are three highlights for the Guideline:

Highlight 1: Authority. It is jointly formulated by core panel and FCMs experts that developing national standards of China. Besides business representatives along the supply chain also take part in the process.

Highlight 2: Operability. The draft released in Dec. has received a lot feedbacks and suggestions. The move makes it more compatible and practical for most businesses.

Highlight 3: Impartiality. Led by FCMs panels, the Guideline collects opinions throughout the industry chain and holds an impartial standing for all parties.

Compared with the draft, the Guideline details the communication of substance information involved in core business secrets of enterprises. Take intermediate materials for an example, the restricted substances can be represented by a unique and traceable code in case that they are involved in core business secrets of the enterprise after communicating with downstream clients. Similar statements shall be given when represented by codes:”The name and number of the constituent is part of our business secret so represented by internal codes. The specific code does not violate against the communication of restricted substances as required by GB4806.1, GB9685 and GB 4806.6. Contact us if you need more information.”

All the templates for Declaration of Compliance (DoC) of chemicals, intermediate materials and end products are editable.

DOWNLOADS (in Chinese)

极速快3Guideline on Plastic Food Contact Materials regards as Responsibilities along the Supply Chain and Document of Compliance (DoC)

Document of Compliance (DoC) for chemicals

Document of Compliance (DoC) for intermediate materials

Document of Compliance (DoC) for end products

Note: the above documents come from China National Food Industry Association

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