General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) held a regular press conference on the morning of 28 April 2016. Ms. LI Jing, Spokesperson of AQSIQ News and News Office Director, has released the information on quality inspection of imported goods in the 1st Quarter 2016, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, recall of defected products and safety on special equipment.
The Safety Risk Alert Platform for Import & Export Goods shows that Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Authorities in China have intercepted 17,080 violations of import products in the first quarter of 2016, involving instrument/mechanical equipment and spare parts, food contact material and mineral products. In March, 6,922 imported products are intercepted in March. At present, competent authorities have returned or destroyed 533 non-compliant products according to laws and adopted other measures as well.
The result shows as the following:
Category Major Products (Violation) Quantity Reason Measures Adopted
Foods Pastries & biscuits, beverage and alcohol 904 batches Microbiological pollution, poor quality and labelling Return or destruction
Cosmetics skin care, make-ups and oral care cosmetics 47 batches Certificates, microbiological pollution, inconsistent quality & products
China has performed 24 recalls on consumer products covering 896,300 pieces: 15 recalls on toys and children’s products (2,183 pieces involved); 5 recalls on electrical and electronic equipment (684,600 pieces involved); 4 recalls on other consumer products (209,500 pieces involved).
C&K Testing reminds that AQSIQ has released Notification No. 38 of 2016 on the Exit-Entry Commodities of 2016 beyond the Exit-Entry Commodity Catalogue Implemented by Inspection Quarantine Authority. AQSIQ should organise Inspection and Quarantine Authorities at all levels (“Authorities”) to conduct supervision and inspection entry-exit commodities beyond the Catalogue such as children’s footwear, wet wipes, garments and tyres from April to October in 2016.
The notification covers electromechanical, light textiles and chemicals, including 15 subcategories as below: (for entry inspection) electronic balance cars, air purifiers, electronic toilets, brake Iinings for automobiles, quick-dry garments, uvioresistant garments, antibacterial garments, waterproof garments, children’s footwear, thermal mugs, wet wipes, condoms and wall paper; (for exit inspection) wireropes and tyres.


Further information
AQSIQ's inspection plan for unlisted commodities on Exit-Entry Catalogue of 2016——News of C&K Testing in April

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