On 28 March 2017, Chinese National Consumer Products Safety Standardisation Technical Commission consulted public opinions for the Chinese standard Restriction of Chemical Hazards in Consumer Products (also known as “China REACH”)。 The standard includes 103 chemical restrictions based on industry and status in China。 The consultation period ends on 15 April 2017。

We’ve seen the similarities between China REACH and EU REACH regulation. But we should also note the differences:

1. China REACH only restricts certain chemicals, but imposes no requirements for registration, evaluation, authorisation and notification as those set forth in EU REACH Regulation.

2. EU REACH Regulation aims to regulate chemicals to access the EU market, but the China REACH only targets at hazardous substances as regards consumer products.

3. EU REACH Regulation does not overlap with other product regulations, but China REACH tends to be a consolidation of restrictions in existing standards.

4。 REACH restricted substances list (RSL) is organized in the time sequence when  substances are proposed, but China REACH sorts the substances by category as per the complexity of their structures (from simple to complex)。

5。 The requirements specified in China REACH are merely minimum safety requirements for businesses to follow。 Emerging products that have no existing product standards shall be subject to the restrictions of existing standards for products with similar audience, use methods and environments。

Judging from the above, the Chinese standard seems to be a general standard for consumer products as regards chemical hazards in China once adopted and published. It not only provides references for businesses, governments and standard developers, and also bases for competent departments to supervise the quality and safety of consumer product.

China REACH includes chemical restrictions not regulated under Chinese standards but set forth in foreign standards such as EU REACH Regulation and Oeko-Tex. There is no doubt that its implementation will dramatically affect the industry of consumer products. C&K Testing advises businesses should follow up its development for prompt measures.

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