The Danish government has decided to scrap a tax on products containing phthalates and PVC。 The tax, which covers tape, binders, gloves, aprons, rainwear and protective suits, entered into force in June 2000 and it will cease on 1 January 2019。 The tax rate during this period is DKR 2 (€0。3) per kilogram of PVC and DKR 7 (€0。9) per kilogram of phthalate。


The government report says, the tax is no longer considered to have any "significant behavioral effect on health or the environment" because of the declining use of phthalates. Certain phthalates have been added to the REACH authorization list, while others have restrictions in place for specific articles, such as children’s products. And in 2015, four phthalates – DEHP, BBP, DBP and DiBP – were added to the EU Directive on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS2) in electrical and electronic equipment。 Also because the tax rate remains the same, regardless of the concentration and type of phthalates and PVC in the product, there is no incentive for companies to reduce the level in a taxable product or to switch to "less problematic" ones.

The government expects that scraping the tax may lead to “permanent administrative easing” to companies, saving them about DKR 8m (€1。75m) annually。 And several other taxes are to be scrapped。

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