ECHA’s has started work on a pilot project targeted 7 substances, including phthalates and retardants。 The purpose is to verify the compliance with the notification and communication obligations of substances in articles in REACH。


The project aims to:

  • Check compliance of producers, importers and suppliers of articles with their obligations (REACH Articles 7 and 33);
  • Raise awareness and understanding of legal obligations and the level of compliance among duty holders;
  • Build a better picture of the actual level of compliance by suppliers of articles;
  • Identify reasons for non-compliance and decide whether ECHA, the Commission or member states competent authorities need to do more, such as providing support to duty holders;
  • Gather experience and establish enforcement methods for a potential future large-scale check of these obligations。

This project will mainly inspect electrical products, building materials and interior articles as examples of consumer goods, and it focuses on the following substances:

  • Brominated flame retardants;
  • Phosphorous flame retardants;
  • Short-chain chloroparaffins;
  • Phthalates;
  • Aprotic polar solvents;
  • Perfluorinated substances; 
  • Phenolic benzotriazoles。

The enforcement pilot runs from October 2017 to June 2018, and a report of the results is expected by the end of next November。

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